Welcome. We invite you to attend a meeting or workshop in your area. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can participate. Please let us know if you don't find something that you were looking for.





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The association facebook page is up and running. If you have facebook already go to search. If not on facebook, set up an account (it is free) and search for “NY State ID.DD Nurses Association”. Look for the option to “like” this page. Once you do this you can easily return to the page to view or make comments. If unsure how to sign up facebook, ask your kids, that’s what I did.


Second Thursday of Odd Months

Zone 8 Meetings


May 2017

Zone 3 Meeting

Logjam Restaurant, Lake George  Date/Topic TBA



September 24-27, 2017

NYSIDDDNA State Conference

Marriot Hotel, Albany


Nurses meet at Kings Highway for intra-agency diabetes update!
On Wednesday November 5th, nurses from various IDD agencies meet for a NYC Zone 7 meeting chaired by Marcia Richman, RN.  A diabetes update was provided by Gale Pearl from Novo Nordisk.



Zone 4 December 2013 Meeting    
Zone 4 December 2013 Meeting