What's New?

What's New From The State?

Conference 2017 was a rousing success. Our membership turns out to learn from the amazing roster of presenters. Every year the conference committee is able to assemble a varied slate of courses of value to our attendees. Plan now to attend next years conference in Syracuse.

The strategic plan to set up goals for our organization is moving ahead. Goals are multifocused including increasing membership and filling the needs of current members. We also want to spread the word to other nurses that our specialty field exists.

What's New From The Zones?

Information on topics and possible presenters at zone meetings is shared at the conference and members relate contacts at zone meetings. This interchange is very important.

Networking at both the conference and zone functions has solved many a problem. Someone else has probably dealt with the issues you have. Forms are also shared so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

What's New From OPWDD?

Telephone triage is being stressed. Do you have training for all of your nurses? Is information of triage phone calls, RN recommendation and resolution available? Are DSP's aware of what telephone triage means to them. Are they ready to follow through on directions from the RN and provide proper documentation of same?

Do you have an emergency procedures protocol that your staff have been inserviced on?

What's New From Our Members?

Membership has responded with nominations for the annual Joyce Binder Award. There are a lot of nurses out there who exemplify the traits that would make them a candidate. Joyce Binder was an association founder and lifetime activist to promote the best of care for ID/DD individuals.

What's New From In The News?

Are your staff following proper infection control measures while performing glucometer readings? It is recommended that each person being tested have their own glucometer. Safety lancets should used so that staff are not tempted to recap. OSHA names this as an area of concern and a pathway to accidental blood exposure when handling of a non-safety lancet brings the used point in contact with the person performing the test. Safety needles for insulin pens are also available.

This is the time of year when people report they have the "flu" when they actually have norovirus. Norovirus coupled with poor infection control can allow the virus to quickly move through a facility. Prevention includes; hand washing plus the use of hand sanitizers, wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, cook seafood properly, don't cook for others if you are sick, keep surfaces clean, wash laundry immediately if contaminated with stool or vomit.