Welcome. We invite you to attend a meeting or workshop in your area. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can participate. Please let us know if you don't find something that you were looking for.





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Conference is set up for 2017at the Albany Marriot,September 24th-27th. There is a CDDN exam prep class on Saturday from 2-5 and Sunday from 8:30-12:30. You must attend both sessions to obtain credit. Signup is due by August 15th. Enrollment is limited.

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In order to keep Zones and the State organization strong we need your support. Interesting presentations make zone meetings and conference sessions more appealing. If you see or hear someone who would make a good speaker, get their contact information. If you can ask them whether they would be interested in speaking, do so. If you would rather someone else made the contact, let your zone or state officers know.

DQI site review protocols have been sent to facilities. It details all items reviewers will be looking for. If you have not seen it, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the format.

Fungal infections are emerging as the newest superbugs. Although there are many more fungi which are non-threatening, the ones that can cause infections have the ability to create serious health issues. Candida auris has the ability to cause high mortality in high risk patients-ICU patients, those with central venous catheters or those who have received antibiotics or antfungal meds. Drug resistance makes the issue harder to treat.
For people who need to limit gluten, there can be beneficial health results. For others who don’t have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, health benefits may not be there. A study found that those that restricted their gluten intake versus those who did not-the ones who did not were less likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. That could be related to the fact that those individuals also seemed to ingest more fiber. More study is planned to examine these relationships.
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